The Sushi menu is cooked by experienced chefs. Typical restaurant menu will make you feel like you are in Tokyo

At the restaurant, we have a wide selection of authentic Japanese food such as sushi and sashimi, rice bowls, bento boxes, noodles, curry and other popular cafeteria menus, as well as a wide range of menus, all of which are served with genuine Japanese taste. I have you. You should feel as if you are in Japan.

The sushi menu is cooked by an experienced chef using fresh seafood. We hope that you, who are looking at sashimi platters and sushi, will feel both beauty and deliciousness.
The sushi bar on the back of the second floor escapes the hustle and bustle and makes you feel like you’re in a hideout. The sushi chef should be able to cook wonderfully in front of you.

There are 6 private rooms on the 2nd floor. Please use it for chatting with important customers, private parties with your family, and launching after golf.
If you open the partition of the private room, you can have a banquet for up to 30 people.

There are 25 types of Japanese bento in all. Available from VND110,000. We can delivery to nearby residents.

Typical Japanese restaurant menu in accordance with Japanese taste


6 single private rooms

Party room up to 30 people

Silent Sushi Bar as hiding place

Delivery Lunch Box to the neighborhood areas